Classic Ax and Ax Parts was founded by Greg Krochman back in 1982.

Greg was born in Chicago, IL but soon after moved to Florida at the age of 1.  Being raise in a musical family Greg was introduced to the Music Instrument Retail/Repair business at the young age of 10 years old. Working in his parents music store "Krochman Music House" in the late 60's was the start of a long history of repairing musical instruments.

In the 70's Greg had opened his 1st music store in Florida.   "It was just great time for being in business for myself and really doing a lot of quality repair work." as he recalls. Then in 1979 he decided that he wanted to go on the road with his band "Truly Original Band" and toured around the country, opening for bands like the Dixie Dreggs until early 1982.

He decided then that he wanted to get back to his roots of repairing guitars. So in March of 1982 he started slow and opened up a little shop in the garage of his house. He found quickly that his skills at repairing stringed instruments was a much needed service in Nashville. By October 1982 the business had grown large enough that he needed to expand. There was no question that if he moved it had to be on Music Row. He has been at his current location for over 30 years

He has found that one on the most satisfying parts on his job is knowing that you're really doing something that makes a difference for someone and seeing the end result of you efforts
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